ARPM Tolerances

The Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM)* tolerances are based on industry standards for various types of manufacturing processes.

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  • ARPM Table 3 – Molded A2 Precision
  • ARPM Table 13 – Dense Cross-Section Organic/Silicone Class 2 Precision
  • ARPM Table 16 – Dense Cut Length L2 Commercial
  • ARPM Table 37 – Length and Width Die Cut Sponge #2, BL2
  • ARPM Table 38 – Sponge Cross Section Organic/Silicone #1, BEC1
  • ARPM Table 40 – Sponge Cut Length #1, BEL 1



* ARPM tolerances (Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers) were formerly known as RMA Tolerances (Rubber Manufacturers Association). While they are now issued by a new organization, the tolerance ranges have remained unchanged. However, some of the table numbers are different.



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