Rubber Sheeting

Cooper Standard Industrial & Specialty Group offers a wide range of sheeting products for industrial, medical, foodservice and aviation markets.

Our sheeting is made of versatile polymers, including natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene/chloroprene and silicone.

We produce sheeting within a hardness range of 25° Shore A to 90° Shore A and a material thickness between 0.5 mm and a maximum of 30 mm.

Our products are PAH-free (EU 1272/2013), nitrosamine free and REACH and RoHS II compliant.

Rubber sheeting products come in a variety of thicknesses and hardness ranges. Contact to learn more. 

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Sheeting Properties*

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Anti-static
  • Fuel Resistance
  • Oil Resistance
  • Diesel Resistance
  • Low-Temperature Flexibility
  • Flame Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Rebound Elasticity
  • Alkali Resistance
  • Acid Resistance
  • Weathering/ozone Resistance
  • Plexiglas Compatibility
  • Drinking Water Quality 
  • Tensile Strength
  • Water Resistance (up to 100º C / 212º F)
  • UV Resistance
  • Low Gas Permeability

* Properties vary according to base polymer used.


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