Agriculture Solutions

Cooper Standard ISG is helping meet the world’s agricultural demands with improved operator comfort and better equipment performance. We offer a variety of products to aid farmers in efficiently managing their agriculture related needs, including durable quick connectors, hoses and door seals.

We bring design and engineering expertise to meet evolving EPA mandates.

Cooper Standard ISG products help eliminate downtime, guard components and protect operators by reducing external contaminants (water, dust, chemicals, etc.) from entering the cab. Our noise reduction solutions improve operator comfort, safety and performance. Cooper Standard fuel lines, hoses and tubes can weigh up to 30% less than traditional rubber parts. Not only does this help save fuel, but it opens space around the engine to improve serviceability.



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Seals & Gaskets

Sealing Systems

We design seals and gaskets that guard against contaminants and reduce noise in agricultural applications. 

Fluid Transfer System

Fluid Transfer Systems

Our fluid transfer products can reduce weight and improve serviceability of agricultural equipment.

Fuel and Brake Lines

Fuel & Brake Delivery Systems

Rely on our expertise in fuel and brake delivery technology to improve your next agricultural equipment design.