Lighting Sealing Solutions

Cooper Standard ISG provides the lighting industry with many material options that range from organic and silicone rubber to TPV and specialty polymers.  

Sulfur-free compounds meet UL 94 5VA and UL 94VO standards and are used in NEMA and IP rated applications. Custom formulations are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and ambient weather conditions for permeability and deterioration needs.


  • Rubber & Plastic Materials
  • Innovative, Custom Designs
  • Dual- and Tri-durometer Extrusions
  • Perimeter Seals
  • Molded Wire Grommets
  • UL Rated Silicone
Warehouse Lighting
Extruded lighting seals

Custom Extrusions

Our custom sponge and dense extrusions are designed for your specific application environment. 

Molded Lighting Gaskets

Molded Gaskets

We can design large and intricate molded sealing solutions from materials that offer long-lasting performance.