HVAC Sealing Solutions

Cooper Standard ISG engineers can work with you to develop a new HVAC component or evaluate an existing design.

We engineer extruded and molded products to meet many specifications such as REACH & RoHS compliance. In addition, we can provide UL746C, UL555s and UL94 materials. 

We have experience customizing products for a variety of applications, including: 

  • Air Ducts
  • Boots & Bellows
  • Damper Blade Seals
  • Airfoil Blade Seals
  • Condensation Drain Tubing
  • Strut Covers
  • Shock Mounts
  • Gasket Tape
  • Access Door Gaskets

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HVAC System
HVAC Seals

Rubber & Plastic Materials

Learn how our advanced material science capabilities allow us to meet  performance requirements and industry specifications. 

HVAC Vibration Isolators

Molded Components

A variety of custom molded components can be designed to dampen noise and vibration in HVAC applications. 

Versatile Design

From simple to complex profiles, we can provide components with dynamic performance properties that install with ease. Our expertise in molding and splicing techniques allow us to offer high-performance corners and frames.

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Rubber Extrusions
Dual-durometer rubber seal

Dual-durometer rubber seals are created by co-extruding sponge and dense compounds, which allows the part to held securely in a channel.

iDea Seal

Our iDeaTM Seal products feature a rubber seal  bonded to a plastic base. This allows the component to install with ease and prevents stretching.

Rubber seal with adhesive

Gasket tape and adhesive solutions can support reliable and efficient installation processes and solve potential challenges of mechanical fastening systems.

Sponge Seal Adhesive

Pressure sensitive adhesive products include double-coated paper and film tapes, adhesive transfer tapes and double-coated foam tapes.

Plastic Extrusion

Our multi-durometer plastic extrusion capabilities make us a single-source supplier for a wide range of HVAC applications. 

Rubber Vulcanized Corner

A variety of splicing and molding techniques can be used to minimize the risks of leaks at corners. 

HVAC Seal & Gasket Materials

Materials we provide for HVAC seal and gasket applications include:

  • EPDM: Excellent for outdoor use and applications that require ozone, weathering or aging resistance.

  • Silicone: Maintains its flexibility at low temperatures and has outstanding resistance to high heat.

  • TPV: Has comparable properties to rubber materials, but offers the processing efficiency of plastic.

  • Neoprene: A good blend of properties including resistance to abrasion, flex cracking and oils. 

  • Rigid PVC: Tough and economical, Rigid PVC is inherently flame retardant and resistant to most chemicals.

  • FortrexTM: A lightweight elastomer, FortrexTM offers excellent compression set characteristics, weathering and aesthetic performance with an environmentally-friendly footprint.
Silicone Material