HVAC Sealing Solutions

Enhance your HVAC products through our engineering expertise, material selection and technical support.

We offer solutions for the HVAC industry through our diverse manufacturing capabilities and materials that include silicone, EPDM and TPV.


  • Air Ducts
  • Boots & Bellows
  • Damper Blade Seals
  • Airfoil Blade Seals
  • Condensation Drain Tubing
  • Strut Covers
  • Shock Mounts
  • Gasket Tape
  • Access Door Gaskets

HVAC System
HVAC Seals

Rubber & Plastic Materials

Through advanced material science, we ensure HVAC seals and gaskets meet performance requirements and industry specifications. 

HVAC Vibration Isolators

Molded Components

Our custom molded components are designed to dampen noise and vibration in HVAC applications.

An Innovative HVAC Gasket Manufacturer

Cooper Standard ISG engineers can work with you to conceptualize a new HVAC component or evaluate an existing design.

Following a review of your application's demands, we can identify:

  • Installation and attachment solutions
  • Methods to achieve the necessary physical performance properties
  • Materials that meet your specifications
  • Opportunities to maximize production efficiency

With Cooper Standard's global resources and investments in manufacturing technology, you'll have the support to take your performance to the next level.


An EPDM seal designed to follow a curve while providing a surface for adhesives.

HVAC Seal & Gasket Materials

We offer expertise in both rubber and plastics. Materials we commonly work with for HVAC seal and gasket applications include:

  • EPDM: Excellent for outdoor use and applications that require ozone, weathering or aging resistance.
  • Silicone: Maintains its flexibility at low temperatures and has outstanding resistance to high heat.
  • TPV: Has comparable properties to rubber materials, but offers the processing efficiency of plastic.
  • Rigid PVC: Tough and economical, Rigid PVC is inherently flame retardant and resistant to most chemicals.
Silicone Material

Our material expertise and custom mixing solutions support optimum performance and superior quality control.