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Cooper Standard Performance Products sheeting sold under the Metzeler brand can be found in pharmaceutical, aerospace, commercial building and food and beverage applications. The products include insulated flooring for electrical equipment, gaskets for medical equipment and anti-slip mats for serving trays.

Performance Products is a global leader in aerospace flooring produced from silicone and EVM. Two major benefits of this construction vs. traditional PVC products are:
1) Chemical bonding between Floorsil® sealant and Airfloor® / Airflex® wear surface provides a durable bond that seals better than welding without the hassle of special tools to improved corrosion resistance; and
2) Stability, as a result of being vulcanized there is a greater dimensionality stability ensuring a proper fit at installation and through the application life.

Beyond aerospace there are over 125 customers in a range of, industries including food and beverage, medical and electrical/industrial, who rely on our experience and expertise to provide the proper solution for their specialty rubber needs. 

Whatever your rubber needs, we have the experience and expertise to create a custom solution that is right for you!

Products offered:

  • Airfloor ®
  • Airflex ®
  • Floorsil ®