Agriculture | Cooper Standard


Cooper Standard's Industrial and Specialty Group (ISG) is helping meet the world’s agricultural demands with improved operator comfort and increased equipment. We offer a variety of products to aid farmers in efficiently managing their agriculture related needs, including durable quick connectors, hoses, door seals and trim.  Cooper Standard understands evolving EPA mandates, and brings its design and engineering expertise to solve these challenges.

 A farmer’s equipment is valuable and must operate as expected. Downtime is not an option. Vital vehicle components must be protected.  Operators must be protected. Cooper Standard products accomplish all of these critical requirements by reducing both external contaminants (water, dust, chemicals, etc.) from entering the cab and noise for improved operator comfort, safety and performance.

Our fuel lines, hoses and tubes can weigh up to 30% lighter when compared to traditional rubber parts.  Not only does this help save fuel, but it opens the “real estate” around the engine to improve serviceability.

Count on Cooper Standard for creative solutions and durable components to ensure the reliability of your agricultural equipment.